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If you are interested in the exciting and dynamic world of engineering, FurstProfessionals, the technical and professionals division of FurstStaffing, is your connection to new engineering jobs in Rockford, IL and all of Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Our network of professionals and organizations throughout Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin enables us to bring you the best opportunities for engineering jobs in the area. Whether you want to further your career or try something new, businesses are looking at all potential candidates for variety of positions. FurstProfessionals, a division of FurstStaffing, can give you the boost you need to be connected with the right place at the right time. Call us to learn more about our opportunities!

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Engineering is a vast and evolving field. Engineering jobs pertain to the design, testing, and repair of products and systems. Engineers use science, physics, technology, and mathematics to solve complex problems in a wide range of fields. From aerospace to agriculture, from biomedical to chemical, from computers to food manufacturing, there is a huge diversity in the types of engineering jobs out there today.

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FurstProfessionals & FurstStaffing can help you navigate the job market to find the best engineering jobs in Rockford, IL and the surrounding areas. Whether your interest is electrical, environmental, or mechanical, there are companies looking for a skill set just like yours. Apply today to get started!