Furst Staffing | Hiring Process for people looking for job at FurstStaffing in Rockford IL
FurstStaffing explains how our hiring process works for people looking for work in Rockford IL and Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin
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Hiring Process

Our Hiring Process

At FurstStaffing, you’ll work with our team of staffing professionals to find rewarding employment opportunities. Here is our registration process works:


You can apply online 24/7 via our online application or during business hours at your nearest Furst office.  Your application will be reviewed by a Furst representative.  Qualified candidates will be contacted for a pre-screen/interview.


We will conduct a pre-screen to review the information you submitted on your application.  Qualified candidates will continue with a full interview identifying your interests, career goals, and work preferences.

Meet & Greet

Our face-to-face meet and greet is a chance to reconfirm your goals, preferences, and experience.  We will identify assignments or positions that may be the right fit for you.


You may be asked to complete one or more tests to identify job specific qualifications.  These tests can be sent electronically or completed in our office environment.


During the registration process you will watch an introduction video which outlines the expectations for a successful partnership with Furst.  You may be asked to complete any employer related paperwork (i.e. I-9 form, state and federal tax forms, etc) and any client specific onboarding paperwork.

Reference Check & Screening

We will contact two (2) previous employers to verify dates of employment & work performance.  FurstStaffing is a drug-free workplace.  We conduct pre- and re-employment drug screens, in our  office, when applicable.