Furst Staffing | Testimonials
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“We would like to thank you and the Furst team for going the extra mile for us here. The automotive industry is different and very fast pace so we know difficult it can be from the staffing side of things.”

Human Resources Manager, Automotive Industry.

Attracting Highly Skilled Talent: “Choosing FurstStaffing to handle our staffing needs has been a great decision for our organization. We know that FurstStaffing has done their homework on each applicant prior to presenting them to us which leads to a more suitable match by the time they enter our door. We very much view FurstStaffing as a partner when it comes to recruiting and retention. They are interested in the development and performance management of each employee placed with us. Furst is responsive, supportive, and reliable.


Director of HR, Community Medical Center

“When we first talked about expanding our Production lines, we knew we would fall short of the hiring requirements. We knew we had to come up with a creative plan to staff the lines on time and not hold up production. This was an especially difficult plan considering our manufacturing environment and also the opposition from management to utilize any type of staffing agency (due to prior bad experiences with unskilled temporaries and inflexible agencies with high costs). Furst not only helped us develop a plan that worked but really worked with us as we smoothed out the rough edges. entire staff was patient, flexible…and a pleasure to work with.”


Human Resources

“I have been very happy with the whole team. Heather was the perfect pick for a supervisor. She is very organized and gave me all the information in a way that I could remotely identify everything I needed. Wonderful experience!”


Owner, Warehouse & Material Handling Solutions Company


“I personally think Furst is one of the few temp services that do treat you with respect and make you feel welcome. Furst also has a lot of benefits to offer while working through them. ”


“I originally started my assignment with “Company” in the HR Dept. doing hiring and recruiting of both non-exempt and exempt employees and staff. The HR assignment lasted for 6 months and at the end of Oct. 08, I was told I would be released. ever, I had been doing various assignments/tasks for other managers within the company and this did not go un-noticed and when the time came to release me from HR, the Engineering Manager requested that I stay and work as his Admin. I was thrilled at the opportunity to explore a new career direction after having been in Human Resources for 15 years. It was a New Adventure and I have loved every minute of the last 3 ½ months. 16 years ago, once I had graduated from college, I went to FurstStaffing and was place with a Company and hired after 3 months. I was employed with them for over 12 years. When that job ended, I knew exactly where to go and that was FurstStaffing! Once again, I was placed with a Company that I will probably be with for another 12 years or until retirement hopefully! There are not enough good things I could say about Furst and their staff. Everyone that I have dealt with has always been professional and helpful, no matter what the reason. Thanks Furst, you truly live up to all you stand for!”



“Of all the staffing services I have been to, I feel this is the most professionally run. I was made to feel comfortable and noticed smoothly staff worked together.”