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Employee Benefits

At Furst, we are committed to making life better for the people we serve. For our employees who represent Furst on assignment, this means we offer a comprehensive array of benefits.

Medical Insurance

No one plans on getting sick or in an accident.  But it happens.

FurstStaffing is happy to offer medical insurance to our employees upon your start date.  Furst will reimburse you approximately $46 every 250 hours you work with Furst! 

Indemnity Plan (payroll deducted premium)     
Unlike traditional major medical plans where you must first satisfy an annual deductible before you are eligible to receive benefit payments, the Fixed Indemnity Medical Plan allows you to receive specific first dollar payments for covered healthcare services, regardless of what your medical provider charges. When a sickness or injury occurs, the Fixed Indemnity Medical Plan can help eliminate your financial concerns and provide support at a time when it is needed most.  Click HERE to view the Benefits at a Glance for the Essential StaffCARE Fixed Indemnity Medical Plan. 

Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Wellness/Preventive Plan (employee pays premium directly)
Furst offers a Wellness and Preventive Plan that covers wellness and preventative services, such as immunization and routine health screening only. This plan is in compliance with ACA rules and regulations, but it does not cover medical services or conditions caused by accident or illness. Enrolling in the MEC Wellness/Preventive Plan satisfies the Individual Mandate and you will not be taxed for failing to purchase insurance required by the Affordable Care Act. This plan does not allow you to receive a subsidy from the Health Insurance Exchange.  Click HERE to view information on Wellness and Preventive Plan benefits.

 If you elect to have the Medical Insurance coverage, you will also have the option to select other benefits, including:

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Term Life Insurance

Appreciation Pay

You will receive Appreciation Pay once you have worked for Furst for 1000 hours. Appreciation Pay will be in the amount of $75.00, and will be paid to you automatically when you qualify.

Please note: Benefit hours will reset to zero after a gap in service of 6 weeks.

Illinois Secure Choice

The Illinois Secure Choice program is a state-sponsored retirement program. It provides a Roth Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) to employees who do not have access to a retirement savings plan through work. It provides a simple way to automatically save a part of each paycheck into your own IRA. The account stays with you if you change jobs and allows for customizable savings rate and investment elections to fit your savings needs.

Once you receive notification from Illinois Secure Choice, you have three options:

  1. Register – After you’ve set up your account, you have the ability to customize your savings and investment elections, add beneficiaries, make a withdrawal, or manage your personal information at any time.
  2. Do Nothing – If no action is taken, you will be automatically enrolled with the default savings and investment elections after 30 days.
  3. Opt Out – If you do not want to participate in the program, you can opt out at any time online, by filling out the Opt Out form, or calling the Client Service Team.

Holiday Pay

You will receive 8 hours of holiday pay for the following holidays if you have worked at least 1000 hours in the two years prior to the holiday, and have worked the full scheduled day before and after the holiday.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Referral Bonus

YOU are awesome! You must know some people as awesome as you. We would love to meet them. Refer a friend or family member for Industrial, Clerical and/or Warehouse work and earn $75. BONUS: Refer 4 new candidate who work 120 hours (each) and receive $400. Refer a friend or family member for Technical, HR, Engineering, IT, Finance and/or Professional work and earn $250. Your friend or family member has to work 120 hours to activate the Referral Bonus. A new candidate is defines as anyone who has not worked for Furst in the prior six months. Should a new candidate be submitted more than once as a referral, Furst will honor the first referring party only. Working with a staffing firm brings many perks: It sharpens & expands your workplace skills; Helps reduce gaps in your resume; Offers new ways to network; Allows flexibility; Great way to get your foot in the door.

Employee Recognition Programs

The purpose of Furst’s employee recognition program is to say “thank you and well done.”  We enjoy recognizing our employees for being a good representative of Furst, for doing special things within our communities, and for going above and beyond.

Direct Payroll Deposit

We highly encourage employees to sign up for direct deposit.  Your paycheck will be deposited at the same time each week (holidays may be an exception) and you will have a record via an emailed copy of your paystub.  This saves time and helps us do what we can for the environment.

Of all the staffing services I have been to, I feel this is the most professionally run. I was made to feel comfortable and noticed how smoothy staff worked together.


I personally think Furst is one of the few temp services that do treat you with respect and make you feel welcome. Furst also has a lot of benefits to offer while working through them.


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