Since 1971, we have established ourselves as a trusted source for growing businesses and job-seekers.

Improve your staffing process and let Furst identify candidates who will help you succeed.
Your business is unique. And your staffing needs are too. We pride ourselves on finding workforce solutions that work. Whether you are looking for help completing a project, covering a leave, filling new positions due to growth or attrition, we can help. With more than 45 year of business and community involvement, we love people! FurstStaffing can provide a cost-effective solution to address your workforce challenges.
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We live and work in the communities we service.  We are making connections and making a difference.  We have grown our business by word-of-mouth.  By providing a service that has value to our customers.  At FurstStaffing, we do more than just fill job openings. We provide solutions. Solutions to rising labor costs. Solutions to productivity issues. And solutions to your toughest hiring and staffing challenges.

Staffing Solutions

When you partner with an organization to manage your workforce, you want it to be a business with experience and expertise. FurstStaffing knows that no two businesses are the same. We offer a large variety of staffing services, and we can craft a staffing solution to help your business succeed.

Temporary Staffing

Reduce costs by better matching your workforce to your workload.  FurstStaffing provides office and industrial workers to cover leaves and vacations, complete special projects, provide on-demand expertise, and better manage your busy season.

Direct Hire

Take advantage of FurstStaffing’s recruiting and screening expertise to quickly narrow the field of candidates. Based on the experience, skills and knowledge the position requires we will only present the most highly qualified candidates.  We meet with every candidate prior to presenting.  Our Direct placements are contingency based.  We simply do not get paid unless we deliver!


Make your dollars work smarter.  Try a Furst employee on-the-job before committing to an internal hire.  This may be on a reactive basis where you find our employee can fulfill an internal job vacancy or a more formal service concept where you proactively make a traditional hiring decision during the employee assignment based on performance measures.


FurstStaffing has extensive experience providing on-site staffing solutions.  Since 1994, we have successfully managed several VOP relationships.  These are strategic partnerships to suit each client’s unique workforce needs.

Furst Professionals

FurstProfessionals can help you meet all of your technical and professional staffing needs.  Our industry-focused recruiters take the time to understand your needs, environment and goals.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

FurstStaffing can help you streamline your workforce hiring, enable cost savings and measure your staffing partner’s performance with objective metrics and KPIs.  We will develop a custom MSP solution to fit your organization whether it is responsibility for the overall program management, vendor selection and management, reporting, order distribution and consolidated billing, or providing a dedicated on-site program team…Furst can help.

“We would like to thank you and the Furst team for going the extra mile for us here. The automotive industry is different and very fast pace so we know difficult it can be from the staffing side of things.”


"Attracting Highly Skilled Talent: “Choosing FurstStaffing to handle our staffing needs has been a great decision for our organization. We know that FurstStaffing has done their homework on each applicant prior to presenting them to us which leads to a more suitable match by the time they enter our door. We very much view FurstStaffing as a partner when it comes to recruiting and retention. They are interested in the development and performance management of each employee placed with us. Furst is responsive, supportive, and reliable."


“When we first talked about expanding our Production lines, we knew we would fall short of the hiring requirements. We knew we had to come up with a creative plan to staff the lines on time and not hold up production. This was an especially difficult plan considering our manufacturing environment and also the opposition from management to utilize any type of staffing agency (due to prior bad experiences with unskilled temporaries and inflexible agencies with high costs). Furst not only helped us develop a plan that worked but really worked with us as we smoothed out the rough edges. entire staff was patient, flexible…and a pleasure to work with.”


“I have been very happy with the whole team. Heather was the perfect pick for a supervisor. She is very organized and gave me all the information in a way that I could remotely identify everything I needed. Wonderful experience!”


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