Better Opportunities + Greater Flexibility

The Furst Difference

Every organization is different and so is its culture.  When our Founder & CEO, Darlene Furst, started the business she had two young kids.  As a working mother, she understood the importance of offering a family-friendly work environment.  Our culture offers flexibility so our team can fulfill their parental responsibilities, such as taking children to appointments or attending important school functions.  Importantly, our team is dedicated to providing a valuable service to our customers (employees & companies).  We work hard to foster an environment that ensures employees stay healthy, happy and productive, where everyone is treated with fairness and respect.  

Career Longevity

Tenured Employees

In the staffing industry, tenure is a very measured item.  Typically, it relates to employee turnover at a company and how we can implement a solution to reduce attrition.  Another matter of tenure relates to the staffing firm’s team.  We are so proud of our employees, and even though we have 4 locations…we work as a team.  Our average tenure for internal Furst team members is just over 12 years. Tenure is what companies strive for, and it is very rare in the staffing world.  Why is tenure so important?  Long-term employees know our company, our industry, our clients, and the service level we demand.  

Of all the staffing services I have been to, I feel this is the most professionally run. I was made to feel comfortable and noticed how smoothy staff worked together.


I personally think Furst is one of the few temp services that do treat you with respect and make you feel welcome. Furst also has a lot of benefits to offer while working through them.

Founder + CEO

Darlene Furst

In a 2008 interview, when Darlene was named Woman of the Year by Rockford Magazine, she noted that many of our candidates were involved in not just one, but multiple organizations in the Rockford community.  Darlene has always led by example by serving on numerous boards of directors for business related and not-for-profit organizations.   Our team is encouraged to identify organizations within their communities that have missions for which they are passionate, and then to get involved in those organizations.  Our company is active in the following chamber of commerce organizations: Rockford, Belvidere, DeKalb, Sycamore, Darlington, and Stockton.  Community involvement is part of the Furst Culture.  

Rockford | DeKalb | Stockton | Darlington (WI)

Community Commitment

FurstStaffing as a company, and our internal team, volunteer their time and financially support an amazing number of organizations throughout the communities we serve.  We truly believe in working together to make our community the best it can be.

Since 1971, we have worked toward delivering service that exceeds the expectations of our client companies, while offering employment which is fair and meaningful.  At the same time, we provide our internal team with opportunities to learn through professional challenges, and just the right amount of fun in the work environment.