Meet The FurstStaffing Team

We love working for you.

Who We Are

Mindy S.

Account Manager

Pam S.

Onsite Manager

Rachel Thomann

VP, FurstProfessionals

Melissa S.

Technical Recruiter

Darlene Furst

Founder and CEO

Jennifer Furst


Marcia Rigney


Keri Benhoff

VP, FurstExecs

Adele LaSala

VP, Specialty Solutions

Jeremy Romero

VP and Managing Director, FurstExecs

Suzanne Shelain

VP, Staffing Solutions

Heather Carr

VP, Marketing & Branding

Mark Patnuade

VP, Information Technology

Jenny Howell

Risk & Compliance Manager

Sue Murray

Corporate Trainer

Marci Schubert

Regional Manager

Shyntel O.

Recruiter | Community Relationships

Heidi R.

Candidate Experience Recruiter

Lynn M.


Caitlyn S.

Account Manager

Courtney J.

Account Manager

Elisa B.

Account Manager

Emily D.

Account Manager

Jamie H.

Onsite Manager

Meghan K.

Assignment Manager

Sandra C.

Account Manager

Shannan L.

Onsite Manager

Viri T.

Onsite Manager

Kim C.

Talent Navigator

Mariela D.

Talent Navigator

Sarah H.

Talent Navigator

Terri S.

Payroll Manager

Kim J.

Payroll Assistant

Franz Furwig

Chief Comfort Officer