Health and Well-Being

So many outside/life components contribute to success on the job, sleep is one of them.

Health & Well-Being

Many employers offer workplace wellness programs with benefits ranging from improved employee health to controlled healthcare costs to easier recruitment and retention of employees.  Chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. LINK  Employers are becoming more aware of the links between health and productivity.  The indirect costs of poor health including absenteeism, disability, or reduced productivity is most likely multiples of the direct medical costs.  

Harvard Business Review did a study on Why People Do – and Don’t – Participate in Wellness Programs.  They found those participating “noted greater satisfaction with the activities offered, they perceived themselves as healthier and more productive at work, and they had a more positive attitude toward their employer.” Those participating in the program were also more likely to stay with their employer and refer someone to the company vs. nonparticipants.  Wellness can mean physical, social, emotional, financial or environmental.

One key component to wellness is sleep.  The quality and quantity matter! Increased loads on our time are making people but back on sleep. In order to accomplish what we want (and need) to do on any given day, we need to improve our sleep habits, which in turn will improve our well-being and productivity.  Sleeping is the time our body recharges and rejuvenates your immune system. Insufficient sleep makes us more likely to make impulsive, ill-considered decisions. Memory, both short- and long-term, is reduced by a lack of sleep. We all learned this in driver’s education, our reaction time by missing the equivalent of one night’s sleep is like having a blood alcohol level of about 0.1.  Our reaction time is slowed. The National Sleep Foundation reports, “the ‘walking tired’ are more likely to seethe and quarrel with other people.” Employees with symptoms of insomnia were almost twice as likely to commit a workplace accident or make a mistake that either cause damage or disruption. Listen to your body. Make sleep a priority.

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