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Administrative Positions

Many companies are currently seeking administrative professionals to provide support to their operations. If you are looking for an administrative job in Rockford, IL or throughout Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, FurstStaffing & FurstProfessionals can connect you to an exciting opportunity with our extensive business network. Find the administrative career you are looking for today with FurstStaffing & FurstProfessionals!

What You’ll Do

Administrative professionals coordinate a variety of tasks and help to facilitate the daily operations of the organization they work for. This requires skills in technology and computer software, as well as organization skills and scheduling. Depending on the company and its requirements, administrative professionals might be asked to schedule events, write and edit documents, and handle messaging or correspondence. Being able to communicate well through email, voice mail and postal mail is an important skill, since many administrative professionals are responsible for communication and research.

Take the Furst Step

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of becoming an administrative professional in Rockford, IL; Northern Illinois or Southern Wisconsin, FurstStaffing & FurstProfessionals are a great place to start. Whether you are seeking entry level work or have experience in the field, we can connect you with businesses and organizations who want you to contribute your special talents and abilities to meet their goals.