What Would Darlene Do?

Looking to switch careers? Need some tips on how to hire and keep great employees?

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Darlene Furst, Founder and CEO, started FurstStaffing in 1971.  She was a working mom who was committed to growing her business and supporting her community.

Darlene was raised in Lanark, IL, and moved to Freeport upon graduating high school.  Since being in Rockford, she has been involved with Rockford Rotary Club, the MILL Foundation, Wesley Willows, Community Foundation of Northern Illinois, Northern Illinois Hospice, Rockford Symphony Orchestra Auxiliary, University of Illinois College of Medicine’s Deans Council, and Rock Valley College Foundation.

One thing we love about Darlene is she is an amazing listener.  It is why she is such a respected leader.  She is there when she needs to be, or when you need her to be.  She allows you to do your job without interfering.

When we are working through a situation we often ask ourselves, “What would Darlene do?”  Darlene agreed to participate in “What would Darlene do?” and share any knowledge and experiences pertaining to your questions.

She will be looking at your submitted questions each week and providing you with insight into what she has learned over the years.

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