Why Work with a Staffing Firm?

Learn more about why working with a staffing firm can help ease your job search.


We always hear about “networking”.  To many networking can be a scary thing.  Putting yourself out there in a setting where you are not familiar with many individuals.  Here is one strategy to start networking in a more comfortable manner:

  • Create a list of personal and professional contacts you feel you can reach out to.
  • Create a clear message about your situation, the type of job you want, the skills you have, and a list of some companies you are interested in working for.
  • Make phone calls or send emails to the list communicating your message.
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FurstStaffing provides workforce solutions which include:  staffing (project and Furst-to-Hire), direct placement, on-site solutions, VMS and MSP solutions.  Our employment specialists design innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of businesses throughout Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.